A regulatory body requires technical and scientific expertise to perform in an effective and efficient manner. Technical Support Organization (TSO) is an organization or organizational unit designated, or otherwise recognized by a regulatory body to provide in depth technical expertise in fulfilling the regulatory responsibilities. In 2005, PNRA established an internal TSO with the responsibilities to perform review and assessment of licensing submissions related to nuclear installations to support the regulatory decision making process. These submissions include Safety Analysis Report (SAR), Periodic Safety Report (PSR), modifications in design and technical specifications and routine reports received from the licensee during different stages of the licensing process.

The TSO also provides technical support to PNRA Directorates in regulatory inspections of nuclear installations, radiation facilities and manufacturers of nuclear safety class equipment and during the emergency preparedness and response activities. It has developed capabilities to independently perform deterministic and probabilistic safety analysis with the purpose of performing audit calculations of licensee’s analysis and conduct safety research & development by the use of analytical computer codes. In order to cope with the emerging challenges in nuclear and radiation safety, the TSO continuously improves its knowledge base through capacity building and pursuing safety research and development.