Radiation Safety

Under the PNRA Ordinance, it is essential for radiation facilities in the country to operate only after obtaining a license from PNRA. PNRA requires these facilities to submit various documents as part of licensing application and during the lifetime of the facility in order to ascertain that the facility is working safely and in compliance with the regulatory requirements. 

The review and assessment is a continuous process in which activities of different nature and volume are performed.

Radiation Safety at Radiation Facilities

A large number of radiation facilities are operating in Pakistan. PNRA is obliged to ensure that appropriate regulatory control is in place for the safe operation of these facilities. The radiation facilities being monitored by PNRA include:

  • Medical applications (radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine);
  • Industrial applications (industrial radiography, nuclear gauges, scanning, irradiation, etc.); and
  • Research (universities, research centers, etc.).

PNRA also arranges training courses for industrial radiographers.and also certification courses for Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs) of radiation facilities from different medical centres, irradiation facilities and industries.

Licensing of Radiation Facilities

The procedure of issuance of license requires the applicant to fulfill all the applicable regulatory requirements prior to issuance of license. Licenses to radiation facilities are issued after detailed review and assessment of the applicants' submissions specified under the national regulations and inspection of the site and equipment. Periodic inspections of radiation facilities are performed to monitor continued compliance with safety provisions.

All the radiation facilities using radioactive material in the country are licensed by PNRA including all radiotherapy centers, nuclear medicine facilities, irradiators, and practices involving use of radioactive sources in industry, research and industrial radiography, etc.

Detail of PNRA's licensed facilities may be seen at:

  1. X-Rays Facilities
  2. Medical Radiation Facilities
  3. Industrial Radiation Facilities