Physical Protection and Nuclear Security

Pakistan recognizes that security of nuclear material, other radioactive material and associated facilities is of highest importance for ensuring safety and security worldwide. Pakistan is a State Party to the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) as amended, subscribed IAEA Code of Conduct on Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources and its supplementary guidance on Import and Export of Radioactive Sources.

PNRA has established regulatory framework for strengthening nuclear security regime based on IAEA security standards and has notified two regulations on physical protection of nuclear materials and nuclear installation and security of radioactive sources. Further, it has also established regulatory requirements for control on import and export of consignments/ shipments/containers having radiation doses above background level.

PNRA maintains a national register for all categories of radioactive sources to keep track record for effective control of sources in the country. Moreover, custom officials at international entry/exit points are equipped with radiation detection equipment for combating illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive material. PNRA keeps close liaison with Custom Authorities for technical assistance and hands on trainings on the use of radiation detection equipment. PNRA has technical capabilities of search and survey for locating the orphan radioactive sources.

PNRA has established Physical Protection Interior & Exterior labs with necessary gadgets like intrusion detection sensors, access control systems, fences, delay barriers and CCTV systems for training of PNRA officials and national stakeholders. It has established a technical support unit (TSU) for providing assistance to national stakeholders in acceptance testing and maintenance of radiation detection equipment.