PNRA recognizes the importance of cooperation with national and international organizations and institutions for enhancement of its performance and for keeping abreast of the latest knowledge and skills in the area of nuclear safety & security and radiation protection.

At the national level, PNRA has close interaction with national regulators such as, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA), National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Planning Division, and other governmental organizations.

Relations with Licensee

PNRA has established strong interaction with all of its licensees including nuclear and radiation facilities in the country. In order to strengthen this relationship, PNRA established an Advisory Committee for Improving Utility Regulatory Interface (ACIURI) to ensure that the licensee and the regulatory body have the same spirit for ensuring the safe operation of the nuclear and radiation facilities within the country. ACIURI is working effectively since its establishment in 2005.

As a regular practice, PNRA involves all the stakeholders including licensees and the general public in the review process of its national regulations. The drafts of the regulations are sent to the licensees for their feedback; and their comments are incorporated, if found appropriate. 

PNRA holds regular meetings with its licensees and conducts training courses for their staff to develop an understanding on the implementation of relevant regulatory requirements. More than nine hundred (900) personnel from nuclear installations, radiation facilities and other stakeholder organizations participated in various related trainings arranged by PNRA.

Relations with the Public

PNRA communicates with the public through lectures, brochures, booklets and timely press releases regarding hazards from undue radiation exposure, protective measures in case of nuclear emergency and significant events at nuclear installations and radiation facilities. PNRA updates general public about its activities through its website ( Draft regulations are also placed on its website for feedback from the general public.

In order to create awareness among the general public and workers, PNRA delivers lectures in hospitals, medical centers, schools and universities on benefits, harmful effects and protection against radiation; radiation protection in radiology; nuclear medicine and radiotherapy; radiological accidents; their consequences; and protection against radiation releases. PNRA is now considering to utilize press and electronic media for a wider coverage of its campaign to create awareness among general public about safety from harmful effects of nuclear radiations.