Award of Operating License (OL) to Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Unit-3 (K-3)

Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) granted Operating License (OL) to Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Unit-3 (K-3) on May 31, 2023 upon completion of regulatory review & assessment and inspection processes of the licensing submissions and satisfactory resolution of all regulatory issues. K-3 is a Chinese designed (Hualong One) Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) and it is second such unit deployed at the Karachi site adding 1100 MWe to national grid. Earlier, PNRA also granted Operating License to its sister unit i.e. Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Unit-2 (K-2) having same generation capacity, in June 2022.

The licensing process of K-3 comprising the licensing stages of site evaluation, construction, commissioning and operation including the aspects of radiation protection, emergency preparedness, waste management and management system were evaluated in accordance with PNRA applicable regulations and international safety standards.

PNRA registered the K-3 site in May 2014 and construction license was awarded to K-3 in November 2015. PNRA issued Fuel Load Permit (FLP) to K-3 in December 2021 after performing review & assessment of Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) and other relevant documents. Following comprehensive review and assessment of OL submissions and successful completion of criticality & pre-operational tests, PNRA awarded operating license to K-3.

Nuclear installations in Pakistan are constructed and operated under regulatory control of PNRA. Strict regulatory oversight is performed during all phases of the life cycle, which plays a pivotal role in maintaining highest levels of safety at Nuclear Power Plants in Pakistan.