DG IAEA Dr. Rafael Mariano Grossi Visit to PNRA

Director General IAEA, Dr. Rafael Mariano Grossi visited PNRA today on Feb.16 2023 during which he was briefed by Chairman PNRA about the technical prowess and responsibility of PNRA. Dr. Grossi stressed that the role of regulator is indispensable in the potential of use of nuclear energy in the country. He termed PNRA as guarantor and guardian of safety of the rapidly growing nuclear industry of Pakistan. He reiterated that IAEA is standing shoulder to shoulder with PNRA for the safety of nuclear installations and radiation facilities. Dr. Grossi encouraged PNRA to maintain a strong presence in IAEA activities including peer review missions. He appreciated PNRA’s support to Nuclear Harmonization and Standardization Initiative. Dr. Grossi also visited National Institute of Safety and Security (NISAS) and National Emergency Coordination Centre (NRECC) established by PNRA. He commended facilities maintained at NISAS being the collaborative centre of IAEA in nuclear security. He was pleased to see state-of-the-art emergency centre. Dr. Grossi expressed honour to inaugurate such a modern facility and termed it in-line with the true spirit of Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident (CENA) and Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency (CANARE). DG IAEA urged PNRA to be ready for upcoming challenges evolving from introduction of new technologies and evolve its regulatory regime to cater for the same.